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A note from Pastor Mike

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Hello everybody! As some of you know Rev. Stephanie and I have been waiting upon the Lord to for the right time to launch our ministry. We believe God is leading us to develop an outreach ministry for homeless people in Richmond. We have already begun developing relationships with some of the most destitute and displaced people in the city.

Christ is fostering in us a compassion for people struggling with poverty, mental health disorders and addiction. And the Holy Spirit has provided us the tools to make a difference in their lives. Both of us have been encountering people in crisis over the past five years – in a variety of contexts. Just recently as a hospital chaplain I’ve been seeing how great a difference pastoral care can make in a persons life; even amidst pain, disease and hardship. Rev. Stephanie, of course, has been seeing the most miraculous ways in which God can breakthrough to people for a long time.

We’re hoping you can help us help others to shake off some of the limitations we place on ministry.  God’s calling all of us! You may not yet fully understand what your role is in the Kingdom of God; however, I can assure you, it’s no small part! Don’t let church walls keep you out or keep you in any longer– because God’s grace, power and love knows no boundaries. Whether your looking for help to understand God’s will for your life; figure out that next step or just get a little more involved please reach out to us. We’ve seen God do miracles. You don’t need to limit to His glory in your life any longer.

Pastor Michael Jaworski

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